My Approach


        My Approach

I have created a healing approach to “SEE” individuals’ true essence, including their wounds and their purpose in life. By uncovering unhealthy patterns and beliefs, we can discover the cause of anguish, lack of peace and limited success in one’s life. This approach encompasses unconditional love with no room for judgments or criticism, and emphasizes endless possibilities. In addition, my support extends beyond the typical hourly session by staying in touch with the individual between sessions. I always say, “When you leave my office, you do not leave my heart or my mind.”

Sessions are also extended to all the important people in the individual’s life to build bridges of understanding compassion towards one another.

My approach are driven from the teachings and philosophies of Carl Jung, James Hillman, Plato, Kabbalah, Brian Weiss, Carolyn Myss, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, and Buddhism among others. My intuitive healing abilities also include treating an individual’s body, mind, and soul through unconventional, spiritual and alternative methodologies.

Through my ways of visualization, we access the part of the brain that is otherwise not accessed on a regular basis.  This allows an individual to access information crucial in finding answers, breaking patterns, and developing new ways of approaching one’s life with extraordinary clarity and “igniting the power within.”