♥♥♥The most paralyzing aspect of depression is the deeply rooted perception that one is powerless! What I have observed in most cases is that the seed of depression is planted in the early stages of one’s life. Either by not being heard or seen, put down, wronged, or always misunderstood and punished. The perception that results from this treatment makes children feel helpless, not good enough, incapable, and worst of all not worthy.
My ways of visualization take the individual back to their childhood memories and actively change the outcome of the moment in which the memory had been planted. While the individual is an active participant in the visualization, with my guidance, the moment frozen in time comes to life and altered in order for them to gain their lost power. In every case the person comes out of the visualization feeling liberated with a new perception on life feeling powerful and not powerless. The process continues in following sessions working on feeling understood, confirmed, heard, and validated for who they are. Giving the individual the power to write their own destiny, experiencing the endless possibilities waiting their recognition.
♥♥♥What is the root of obsessive thoughts? How does one treat it? The main root of obsessive thoughts and behavior is anxiety and what feeds anxiety is fear. The problem is although you can rationalize fear, anxiety, and obsessive thoughts and behavior, that would never make them go away. Rule number one to deal with obsessive thoughts is to know what you resist, will persist. When an individual presents obsessive thoughts and behavior the first thing I deal with is the root of the anxiety and the fears behind it. In almost all cases the individual tries very hard to push away the thoughts and resist them. But what they do not realize is, the more one resist these thoughts the more they persist. The fact is they simply can not be pushed away. But they can be replaced. By finding and identifying the root of the issues, I help the individual replace what causes the fear and anxiety with thoughts that either create a distraction, joy, or a new perception. What the existentialists said is very true: one’s perception is their reality..


       ♥♥♥How does Past Life Regression heal unexplained phobias, pains, obsessions, depression, nightmares, and reoccurring relationship issues? The brain holds memories that relate to not only present time but also life times ago. In the regular state of mind one can only access a limited part of the brain. However, the latest neuroscientific research has shown a significant increase in brain activity in temporal lobe which is the part of the brain responsible for memory while in meditative state. As such by accessing what I term as “Higher Self” one can have access to memories of this life and past lives and achieve a much deeper and permanent sense of inner peace. A much faster and effective way than just talking about issues.

        ♥♥♥Any symptoms that surface in our lives has manifested to push us toward individual growth. Anxiety is a clear indication of emotions that were suppressed, not expressed and dealt with. So by understanding what the emotional root of the symptoms are, we unleash the truth that needs to be released and dealt with. When one seeks the truth trough process of analysis and visualization, not only they bring awareness to their state of mind by taking control of the cause, but also they empower the sense of self by not allowing their subconscious being in charge of their thoughts and actions. Then once a sense of understanding of oneself is established Healing can begin and continue.

♥♥♥ Open and see the rivers of love pouring into your heart in abundance, so you do not chase after dried up streams!

♥♥♥ The first step to self- love is  to faithfully acknowledge, and accept, that our essence is purely created from a universal unconditional love, which does not discriminate or abandon his creations. Owning  and surrendering to this truth not only frees the individual from the negative emotions created from the wounds and the hurts,  but also provides a sense of belonging to a much greater power and dismisses one’s vulnerability to peoples short comings. Thus opening the path ways of loving one’s self unconditionally.

♥♥♥ Allowing life’s circumstances to dictate the path of one’s life, is surrendering to the notion of being a victim. Once a victim, not only the feelings of helplessness and powerlessness take over and paralyze one’s ability to take action, but the worst side effect of all is the feeling of entitlement that takes over the individual and is used to justify every and all actions and positions they take toward life and people in their lives. So once a victim, they are entitled and all their actions are justified. A great excuse for not taking responsibility for one’s actions no matter hurtful or not, and while enjoying the glory of being a martyr.

♥♥♥ Through nurturing and providing for their children with what was missing in their childhood, parents can provide themselves with the opportunity to heal from the wound and the hurts of their childhood.

♥♥♥A costly mistake is made when love is misunderstood for possession in any relationship specifically parenting. Once a child is born parents need to observe who their child is no matter how unrelated their personalities are to their own. Providing a nurturing environment for the child’s soul to shine through and their characters to blossom and develop, is the most important part of a parent’s job outside of providing them food and shelter. The more a young child is loved, heard, and respected for their ideas, choices, and opinions, the more independent, decisive, motivated, and strong adults they become. Parents projection of their fears and failures onto their children, and pushing them to fulfill their unfulfilled wishes and aspirations, is the block road to a child’s self-esteem and individuality. Children are “little people” and in order for them to be seen and recognized as who they truly are, parents must use them as a guide in how to raise and see them as what gift they are destined to bring into this world and what their lives purpose are. So once one views parenting as an adventure of traveling to their child’s world and not to force their children to travel to theirs, their children will willingly share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns with them. The key to parenting is to learn the art of selflessness.    

♥♥♥In order for growth to be an ongoing part of one’s life, change must be a welcome guest in one’s mind and heart on a daily bases.

♠”Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Neale Donald Walsch

♥♥♥ The soul, much like a traveler, has collected memories of each journey, and has all the answers within. One must use all means to reach those memories, which are essential to fulfillment of one’s purpose in this passage of life. Every life’s purpose is a means to elevate one’s soul to a higher level of consciousness. As such it is crucial to understand what has been done before and what are the unaccomplished tasks awaiting discovery.


♥♥♥The energy available to the individual by the divine wisdom is eternal and not limited,  and must travel in destinations mapped out as a blue print. However, this map is ruled and governed by the law of Free Will. Thus it is a choice  and not a must. Those who choose to follow the calling and the longing of their soul do not avoid hardship, but enjoy the ringing of the bells of desire. Once the desire is heard, acknowledged, and followed the air of ease creates a flow of creation. A creation for the dance of the calling. It is a symphony only heard by the soul destined to hear and follow. And to discover the notes to  the symphony of the calling, past life regression, visualization, and the many more avenues I have developed are used to find and understand what has been waiting in the memory to be utilized in the pursuit of the calling.

“To open your mind to their truths-that we are immortal and eternal beings who have lived before and will live again, that we are all one, and that we are all here on earth to learn lessons of love and compassion -is, to-borrow from that well-known quote, to take one important step for a man and one giant leap for mankind.”  Miracles Happen, Brian Weiss

♥♥♥Once the unconscious is turned  into a conscious awaken state of awareness it will bring us to a place where the intention behind our actions stems from a place of empowerment and not from the weaknesses of  our wounds within. Since any decision based on one’s weakness will hold the intention of need and not desire sending one to the path of addictive behaviors in all one’s relationships and more.

 ♥♥♥Once one views  life as a big class room, and all events, individuals, illnesses, tragedies, and obstacles as what Plato would call “the Goddess of necessity” and an opportunity to learn, grow, and elevate, transform. Anxiety is a clear indication of emotions that were suppressed, not expressed and dealt with. So by understanding what the emotional root of the symptoms are, we unleash the truth that needs to be released and dealt with. When one seeks the truth through a process of analysis and visualization, not only they bring awareness to their state of mind by taking control of the cause, but also they empower the sense of self by not allowing their subconscious being in charge of their thoughts and actions. Then once a sense of understanding of oneself is established Healing can begin and continue.In order for children to cope with and at times survive their childhood, they develop  numerous defense mechanisms to get through any and all obstacles presented to them at the time of growing up.  Although these useful tools get them through their childhood, these methods might become very destructive once an adult. As such, once ones reaches their early 20’s, it is best to evaluate and filter through those behaviors that are no longer useful as an adult and keep those which prove to be useful. This is best done with the help of a trained guide in order to investigate, recognize, and replace the unhealthy patterns and strengthen the healthy ones. In the words of Werner Earhart “one’s childhood is their winning formula.” 

♥♥♥Dealing with FEAR is just like dealing with a spider’s web. If one stays in fear and contemplates, the web will take over and paralyze.  Thus, instantly acting against what fear dictates is the best remedy for this constant human battle.

♥♥♥Once we recognize our lives are a collection of the choices we have made or allowed others to make for us, we also have to become aware that ALL our decisions are based either on FEAR or FAITH. Thus it is best to always make the distinction of what is the motive behind our decision makings. Since any decision made out of fear will not result  in the desired outcome, but those made from faith.

♥♥♥Unlike the western belief system which views  anxiety and depression as something negative that like a disease one must get rid of,  I regard both anxiety and depression as a guiding torch trying to awaken the individual and take them away from their state of confusion and despair caused by the wrong path they are on and onto a path they are meant to be. Thus anxiety and depression are an alarm clock to awaken one to accomplish ones purpose in life, and to keep them on the right path so they will not be misguided by life’s distractions.



♥♥♥Recommended Readings List:
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