About Me

        About Dr. Forouzan002

Dr. Forouzan has been healing hearts since 1999. She received her doctoral degree in psychology from California Graduate Institute and has completed over 5000 hours of training in multiple fields of psychology. She wrote her dissertation about, “The Pursuit of the Calling of the Daimon: A Theoretical Understanding of Wholeness.” A new understanding and outlook on the relation between one’s calling, anxiety and depression. Her knowledge reaches far beyond the teaching and theories offered in graduate school programs. Her office located in Beverly Hills, is convenient to surrounding areas, including Santa Monica, Brentwood, Westwood, West Hollywood, Culver City, Orange County and Los Angeles.

Dr. Forouzan has trained in the following organizations:

– The Maple Center, Beverly Hills, CA

– Core Focus on individual, adolescent and family therapy

– Reiss Davis Child Study Center, Culver City, CA

– An internationally renowned research and training center
– Core Focus on administration, interpretations and reporting on crucial psychological assessments tests such as Rorschach and psychoanalysis
 for children and adolescents

– Princess Manor, Los Angeles, CA

– Core Focus on treating patients with severe mental issues, paranoid schizophrenia, borderline personalities (catatonic states or otherwise)

– Additional focus on monitoring and recognizing adverse affects of incorrectly prescribed medications and misdiagnosis


Dr. Forouzan utilizes the healing power of Past Life Regression and has conducted extensive research on energy healing, acupuncture, Homeopathy, Ayuverdic perspectives, and much more.

In addition to her vast knowledge in psychology and related fields, she also has extensive knowledge and experience in business dynamics.